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О том, что..

Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Запахи. Они преследуют нас повсюду. Как же несчастен тот человек, который потерял способность вдыхать этот безграничный букет самых разнообразных ароматов!
Но порой наше подсознание вкупе с обонянием, играет с нами злую шутку.
Запах сирени и сигарет в одну секунду возвращает меня на 5 курс, в те бессонные летние ночи, когда я был беззаботен, влюблен и счастлив..
Аромат иланг-иланга переносит в небольшую комнату с занавесками цвета бордо. За окном бушует метель, а в этих стенах так тепло и так томно..
Легкий запах духов "Красная Москва" и масла розы.. И вот я уже в квартире у бабушки.. Этого дома больше нет, но я отчетливо вижу каждый предмет, слышу радио из комнаты дедушки, ощущаю мягкость подушек, накрытых кружевной пелериной..
Запах солнца, это запах мамы.. Летних каникул и чистого белья, что сушится сушитсяна заднем дворе. Запах тепла, лай собак и гудки машины далеко за рекой.
Еще один аромат, что не дает мне покоя- те духи, которые больше не выпускают. Нежный букет цветов навсегда запечатлил в моей памяти бессонные белые ночи Питера, лавочку в Таврическом саду и долгие прогулки по узким улочкам..
Резкий запах угля с железнодорожной станции вызывает в моей памяти лишь одну картину. Зима.. Одна из тех, когда сугробы были по колено. Валенки, что больше на пару размеров, тулуп, пахнущий табаком.. Огромная, яркая луна на черном небе и корабельные сосны..
На свете еще много запахов, от которых сжимается сердце и хочется бежать от этих воспоминаний.. Или же к ним.. Но эти запахи одни из самых сильных. И боюсь, что они будут преследовать меня всю мою жизнь. Возвращая туда, где..

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Martha could distinguish whispers but no clear voices: four, maybe five unidentifiable faces were standing in the dark room, waiting. But on the edge of her bed, a familiar warmth and companion.
-It's time… she murmured just for him.
-No, not yet, Thomas leaned to peck her sweaty forehead, Not now, my dearest dear. A few locks of his ginger hair brushed her cheeks and she suddenly wondered when was the last time he left her bedside to rest or refresh. Her lips curled up in a weak smile at his words.
Knuckles whited by the disease, Martha's fingers gripped his sleeve to pull him closer.
-Tom, we… both met Death enough in our lives to recognize when it is coming…
Her chest rose and fell again. He could feel each of her breath on his own lips, each of her breath getting heavier than the previous one, each of her breath killing his sweet Patty.
-… and… I always knew… that I would go before you—
Thomas prayed for her. During hours. Far from any witness eyes. But God, or Fate or whatever the name of the supreme force out there stopped caring about them years ago.

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
It was late. At this period of spring the sun started to take its time to go down, as lazy as the poor souls its first warm rays lashed.
Despite the chandelier on the table, his old eyes couldn't read any longer; Thomas carefully placed a paper between the pages and put down the book on his lap where a blanket already rested. It had become a habit -almost a routine- for years to end the day on the terrace behind the house, just a few steps from the open door, a pipe occasionally between his lips.
Two hands marked by the years took his glasses from his aquiline nose, 3 or 4 grey hairs caught in the metallic arms.
Head against the back of the chair, he closed his eyes, nothing to listen but the wind of May on the grass and the subtle but regular beating of his heart.
The sky was clear tonight ; tomorrow will be fresh.
"I like what you did with the house…"
A voice…
"Of course there are some colors on some curtains that I wouldn't have chosen but… as a whole, I really like it."
That voice.
He opened his eyes and turned slowly his pupils whitened by the commencement of a cataract. At the other side of the table, a vision: luxuriant auburn hair cascading on her chest, shining hazel eyes focused on his, pink lips slightly open in a gentle smile and a perfect face, frozen in her everlasting 33 year old beauty.
"Am I in Heaven?", he barely spoke afraid to break the spell, whoever put it on him.
Her head shook in a silent 'no'.
"Did I finally lose my mind?"
She chuckled, and this sound made him unexpectedly shiver.
"Not yet."
"Am I dreaming?"
"Oh… do you have dreams about me Tom?"
Tom. Almost forty-four years this word disappeared from his existence. He didn't know he missed those three letters so much 15 seconds ago.
"So I'm in Hell", he concluded. "And you are my eternal torture."
"This is absurd. Why would you end up in Hell?"
"I have some ideas…"
Thomas was a Cartesian man made of logic. Observation. Hypothesis. Experimentation. Result. Interpretation. And every fibers of his being knew she couldn't be in front of him right now. But here he was: completely unable to take his eyes off his Patty.
"You are a good man. But a good man living in a bad and tough time." She reached out her arms over the table and covered his hand with her -soft skin against wrinkled skin- but the warmth was missing.
"And you, you are an illusion my dearest dear. You are the product of my great age, my tiredness, my regrets. You are… not there."
"Does it really matter?"
"No. Not really in fact."
Her fingers intertwined with his. Always the absence of heat but truly, it didn't matter.
"I'm proud of you Tom."
"What do you mean?"
"All the things that you made, for our girls, our country…I'm glad to wear your name," she said as her thumb traced circles over the back of his hand, "I am proud of you."
"How can you know?"
"Because I saw you."
"You saw me?"
"Of course", she offered him a thoughtful smile, "Everything. Every day." and nothing to read but kindliness on her face.
Thomas closed his fatigued eyes and was sure now: a place was waiting for him in Hell. She saw everything. His sweet sweet Patty saw everything.
"I'm sorry…" he whispered.
"For what? For being just… a human being? With qualities and flaws ; with needs ; with a heart, and a body. I died Tom. Not you," and every silence following her words was getting heavier on his chest, "I want you to be happy."
"Happiness run away from my life years ago."
He reopened his eyes. The beautiful torture was still there, a concerned expression on the face and cold little fingers around his.
"Patty please, forgive me."
"I will not give you my forgiveness Thomas, because you did nothing requiring it."
She squeezed his hand with hers once again and let it go.
Each of her movements absorbed his attention: the way she pulled behind her ear locks of auburn hair, the dance of the white fabric around her body and her elegance when she finally sat up like a marble statuette. The apparition walked around the table, making her way to the main door of the terrace, and he knew that at the precise second she went inside the house she wouldn't be there anymore, leaving, one more time.
"Don't go…"
She stopped, just at his side and looked down at him. Oh God… how beautiful she remained. If his body wasn't crippled by the years, he would have fallen on his knees and begged in the ruffles of her dress to not go again. But no. Thomas stayed in his chair.
Gently, she set her hand on his face. The tenderness in her gesture contrasted with the cold of her fingers, but he still didn't mind. Her palm brushed his lips, and he leaned into the touch, remembering every variation of her skin against his ; she whispered:
"Soon, my love…"
She smiled again and he closed his eyes. The contact disappeared in a caress and there was no need to look the emptiness in front of him: Patty was gone. His grey head fell slowly against the back of the seat as his entire body slumping in it. Maybe if he kept the eyes shut enough, he could save this last smile from her, these last words, this last touch… Immobile, Thomas didn't know how much time he rested like this.
And then, a voice again. Feminine. Familiar.
"Father…" followed by a pressure on his arm, "Father." and more alarm in the tone. "Father!"
Lazily he opened his eyes and blinked: same colors as his own, two worried orbs examined him.
"I am not dead yet Patsy…"
"Please don't talk like this," she sighed. The woman offered her arm and helped him to stand, holding the blanket and the book with her other hand. "It's late. You need your rest."
"You are the cane of my old age."
"I know," she added while leading him. "I'm sorry for having woken you. You seemed so serene."
"Contrary to my habit?"
Pasty laughed softly
"I didn't say that,". They passed through the door, "What were you dreaming about?", and got into the darkness of the somnolent house.
"A promise…"

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Martha had fought all day against a headache so horrid it felt as if it might split her skull in two, yet, it wasn’t important: the spinning of the room, the fever, the pain in every muscle and bone… it would all be over soon. They were both so familiar with Death, they knew it was coming.
“Tom…” a weak voice whispered from the bed.
“Yes my dear?”
“I… want you to promise me something.”
Thomas brushed his hand over her curly hair, so red, so colorful in contrast to her almost blue lips and pale grey skin. He lay next to her on the bed and she went on:
“When… you have the desire to get married again, you—“
“I will not get married again.”
A smile appeared on her face at these words. Despite being surrounded by kin and servants, Thomas was so close that this conversation was only theirs. Through the bed sheets, Martha could feel the regular and strong pulse of his heart and the idea of soon being responsible for its breaking devastated her.
“Of course you will, Tom… I did. And it was the best decision of my existence.”
Clouds suddenly blurred her vision, but she could feel tears anyways: his falling hot on her cold skin. Oh how she wished he wouldn’t cry!
“When you want to remarry…”
When it happens,” she continued, one hand caressing Thomas’s wet cheek, the other pressed against his lips by his clenched fingers for a last kiss, “… promise me to be wise in the choice of the Lady. Not for you, but…” she paused once more, trying to catch what breath she could, “but for our girls. I don’t want them to be under the heel of a neglectful and unkind stepmother… I don’t want them to go through what I went through…”
Drained of all her strength, she sighed quietly under his weight. But Martha didn’t care, her Thomas was with her. What else could matter?
“So… just promise me to be careful in your decision, my love.”
He just had to say it.
Three words and she would go peacefully.
“I promise you…” he started and it was enough for her, but he continued, “I shall not remarry.”
A mistake. No, he couldn’t have said such a thing, she just wasn’t hearing properly because of her weakness.
“I promise you I will never marry again,” he repeated, his voice trembling but louder this time, even as he read the confusion in her hazel eyes.
“Why?” she asked breathlessly.
“Because I’m selfish. Because I want you to be the only woman to wear my name. Because you are irreplaceable.”
“It is only your grief speaking, listen to reason…”
“You are my one and only wife, until my last day. I promise.” In a last embrace Thomas held her, carefully, settling his cheek against hers, his lips scant centimeters from the shell of his wife’s ear, and then whispered - cried - begged - into it: “Please my love… take me with you…”
But she was already far away.
Martha said nothing more.
It wasn’t that bad she thought - to die here and now, in this house, in this room, in the arms of this man, and his name as her last word.

She could rest now.

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
"I feel old."

"You’re just tired, Patty…"

For over three months he had been repeatedly saying she was ‘just’ tired, as if a good night of sleep could improve the state of her health. It was a lie. A reassuring lie. They both knew it.

"No. I feel… old," she said again lying in bed, her hands accentuating her words.

And Thomas almost smiled.

"You know, my love", he replied while brushing locks of hair from her sweaty forehead, “the first time I stared at you, really stared at you, your eyes captivated me."

Those eyes frowned slightly.

"What do you mean?"

"Their deep hazel color, and… I know it will sound odd, but", evaluating the most truthful words to express his idea, he paused, “I could read dozens of lives in them."

"For a Cartesian mind like yours, it is indeed surprising…" Martha whispered in a giggle.

"In some cultures and civilizations, it is indeed plausible," the lawyer retorted with amusement. “It is just…Your eyes gave me the sensation that they have seen so much, as if there was an old, yet strong soul behind them. One which had lived centuries, through both tragedies and happiness, and had learned just how precious and fragile life is. I couldn’t help it… I saw dozens of lives in this hazel ocean," he concluded.

During his explanation, Thomas’s lean body bent over hers instinctively, without his noticing it, and allowing her thin fingers to caress his lips.

"Then I hope… that I spent all those lives with you," she murmured.

"Of course. That is what soulmates do."

"Soulmates," Martha repeated, a tint of joy in her voice, “Did you re-read Plato recently?"

"You offended me. I know his words by heart."

Softly, her blue-tinged lips curled up.

"So, Tom… if we went through dozens of lives together…what about the next one?"

At her words, a cloud obscured his gaze. She was dying. His knowledge of medicine and science didn’t allow him the illusion of hope, but there was still the vast distance between knowing and accepting the truth.

"It will… be perfect", he confessed, his right hand cupping her face, the other lost in her auburn hair, “Perfect. Made just for us."

"Tell me more about it…"

The room was suddenly stultifying. His eyes glanced upwards and he bit his bottom lip, trying to find help or support from above, but he felt nothing, just her warm and frail breath upon his neck. He looked back down at his dear fallen angel.

"We… we will meet in childhood", he started. “Acquaintances at first, then friends, and finally lovers. My words, my soul, my heart will be filled only by you. After years of courtship and love, we will get married on a sunny day in July. We won’t be rich, neither will we live in poverty", he continued, the words uncontrollably trembling, “We will possess only what we need: a little house, a little garden, books and music, away from the noise of cities, and politics and war. Even perhaps on the top of a little mountain…" His face lit up at this thought and she grinned at his joy. “And we will have children: three girls. Of course three girls… and perhaps a boy. They all will be beautiful and strong. The best part of both of us. The house will never be silent…" He stopped himself, fighting tears in his eyes -a fight he’d begun to lose weeks ago. “We… we will watch them grow up into wise and brilliant adults. Oh, you will be so proud! Our children. And… our… grand-children…” Sobs cut his words, “and… we will turn slowly grey… and white together…"

"… and?" her voice beneath him whispered.

"… and, wearied by the years, our wrinkled hands will cling to each other, waiting for death fearlessly, because…" Warm drops fell on her peaceful face, "… because, my love, we know we will soon be together again."

Martha’s fingers wiped away his tears, her Thomas’ forehead resting now against hers.

"Oh Tom…" she sighed with a smile, "…I can’t wait."

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
С самого моего детства меня более всего ранила одна вещь. Она не стояла ни в одном ряду со всеми другими обидами и печалями.
Меня никогда не слушали. Каждый раз, когда я прибегал к родителям, захлебываясь от эмоций и восторга, на меня чаще всего смотрели безучастные лица. Если смотрели вообще. Иногда мне кажется, что единственным человеком, которому действительно были интересны мои истории, был мой дед... К сожалению, когда его не стало, повести о моих приключениях и фантазиях стали не нужны никому...
Самое страшное наверное для меня в данный момент, что даже все те, кто называет себя моими друзьями, никогда не проявляют ..хм.. должного интереса к моим рассказам. Я не виню их. Мы все взрослые люди, со своими проблемами и каждый хочет, чтобы выслушали именно его. Перебивая друг друга, стараясь высказать свои переживания и не только. Мы не слушаем других... Это обидно..
И почему именно так все выходит.. Именно в тот день, когда твой день наиболее насыщен эмоциями и ты готов весь мир объять от всепоглощающей любви, что заполняет тебя.. Именно в этот вечер у людей, которым ты хотел и мог все это доверить, находяться неотложные дела. Им сразу хочется спать и прочее и прочее.. И ты сидишь один и не знаешь, куда же все эти чувства засунуть.. И тот огонь, что еле-еле зажегся в тебе.. гаснет.. Улыбка больше не играет на губах, а в глазах тухнет свет.. и ты понимаешь, что все эти твои переживания никому нахрен не сдались. Ты можешь засунуть их куда подальше и ..все собственно.

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Разбитые надежды..

Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
В жизни каждого рано или поздно наступает тот момент, когда ты перестаешь быть ребенком. Нет, это не происходит как-то по-особенному, типо роста коренных зубов или первых волос в паху, когда ты радостно прегая по комнате думаешь, что вот теперь ты уже мужик и весь мир падет к твоим ногам. Нет.. это происходит незаметно, как будто кто-то пока ты спишь, нагло и подло ворует у тебя из-под подушки молочный зуб и не оставляет в замен монетку. И ты просыпаешься весь такой в надеждах, а шиш. Пусто. И все. Розовые очки летят на пол, плюшевый дружище Тедди пылится под шкафом, а монстры под кроватью медленно сдыхают от голода. Где-то в этот же период мир для тебя меняется. Между диваном и креслом больше не течет лава, птицы за окном вместо звонких трелей. начинают голосить что-то противное и доставучее, а очертание лунного кролика превращается в кратеры на неровной поверхности естественного спутника планеты земля. Сдохнуть можно от того, как много сразу появляется лишнего в твоей голове. Но ты упорно забиваешь свой чердак различными научными терминами. Это же так по взрослому. Какой к черту замок в облаках? Они же состаят из пара и жить в таких условиях невозможно! Единороги? Глупости и ребячества. Русалки? Просто пьяный бред моряков. Скучно. Уныло.
Твой мир .. Твой внутренний мир постепенно превращается в пустыню... Безжизненную.. пустую.. Мертвую..
Они умирают по-разному. Кто-то сдается сразу и опустив руки тихо шепчет- так тому и быть. Есть те, кто еще пытается бороться. Они стараются докричаться до тебя и ты часто, засыпая слышишь их крики. Но ты тут же мотаешь головой. Какие голоса? О чем вы? Это лишь мое подсознание. которое выдает импулься... бла.. бла..бла.
Даж е самые сильные в итоге садятся на землю и качая головой говорят- К черту.. Мы сдаемся..
и в один прекрасный день, прекрасный не для тебя, поверь, ты просыпаешься с пустотой .. Нет, голова твоя забита по прежнему. Столько нужно успеть. Ты человек занятой. Но пустота. поселившаяся где-то в районе ключиц.. Останется с тобой навсегда...

За что...?
Слезы текли из глаз маленькой Эмили и она судорожно стирала их маленьким кулачком. Перед ней в ряд были вырыты пять могил. Аккуратные ямы, зияющие влажной чернотой словно манили хрупкое существо. Обещая вечный покой и безмятежное существование, они звали.. На секунду Эмили даже заколебалась и сделала было шаг вперед, но потом остановилась, словно чья-то рука оттолкнула ее прочь..

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Это ужасно.. Когда так много хочется сделать, сказать, написать.. Успеть... А время летит..
Список дел в твоем блокноте и в голове все растет, а времени по прежнему нет! Голова пухнет от мыслей, что требуют выхода на бумагу.. С чего начать!?

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Я мечтаю увидеть твои счастливые глаза...
Окунуться в твою улыбку и замереть на мгновение, обнять тебя..
Мечтаю о том, как будешь смеяться, шутить..
Забыв о бренной жизни и разрухе ЖИТЬ наконец! ЖИТЬ..
Поток мыслей сбивает меня с ног, стоит лишь увидеть твой силуэт..
В голове лишь одно -роднее тебя нет..
Поверь мне.. Поверь, как верил всегда..
Мы любим друг друга.. А остальное.. Фигня..

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Кто бы что не говорил, а все со временем сходит на Нет. Огонь страсти, яростно пылающий вначале, постепенно угасает, чтобы в конце остаться угольками.

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Навязчивой мечтой последнего месяца стала мечта о том,
как бы закрыться от всех и в одиночестве съесть целую коробку шоколадных конфет...

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Может я просто соскучилась по тебе? Не знаю.. А может я обманываю себя.. Бегу от правды.. Без тебя плохо.. Но с тобой .. так странно.. Что-то тянет и отталкивает.. Мне не хватает тебя.. Я ревную... Но так легко отпускаю.. Я хочу остаться одна, в этом лесу, но так страшусь одиночества.. Я хочу оттолкнуть тебя.. Но прошу.. держи меня.. Меня тревожат мысли о свадьбе, но я так её жду.. Что со мной... Разыщи мой здравый ум и верни мне мое беспокойное сердце.. Я не смогу так больше жить..
Отец научил меня не бояться смерти.. А осень подходящее время для того, чтобы распрощаться с этой жестокой жизнью.. не обретя.. я ничего не теряю...
Рабастан! Спаси меня... Прошу... Протяни мне руку...

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Возьми себя в руки. Ты здесь одна. Совсем одна.

@темы: sadness..., Эльвира


Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
Минус! Перечеркивая листы! Сжигая за собой мосты..
Перетерпя эту боль... Забуду...

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
No fear, no pain
Nobody left to blame
I'll try alone
Make destiny my own
I learn to free my mind
Myself I now must find
Once more
Once more

If I could fly
Like the king of the sky
Could not tumble nor fall
I would picture it all
If I could fly
See the world through my eyes
Would not stumble nor fail
To the heavens I sail
If I could fly

So here I am
In solitude I stand
I've got dreams inside
I need to realize
My faith has grown
No fear of the unknown
No more
No more

If I could fly
Like the king of the sky
Could not tumble nor fall
I would picture it all
If I could fly
See the world through my eyes
Would not stumble nor fail
I could ravage my jail
If I could fly

If I could, if I could, fly
If I could, if I could, fly
If I could, if I could fly
Like the king of the sky
Could not tumble nor fall
I would picture it all
If I could fly
See the world through my eyes
Would not stumble nor fail
To the heavens I sail
If I could fly
Like the king of the sky
Could not tumble nor fall
I would picture it all
If I could fly
See the world through my eyes
Would not stumble nor fail
I could ravage my jail
If I could fly
Like the king of the sky
Could not tumble nor fall
I would picture it all
If I could fly

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Наши судьбы тесно сплелись, но не соединились...
" Вот как.. Каникулы закончились..." (с)

@темы: sadness..., Эльвира